Mipro ACT-22T Mini oplaadbare Bodypack zender t.b.v. MU-23D/MU210D

Mipro ACT-22T Mini oplaadbare Bodypack zender t.b.v. MU-23D/MU210D

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Mipro introduces ACT-22T, a compact, miniature transmitter.
It becomes a complete freedom of mobility when connected with a headworn microphone with no bodypack and no cable.
This true wireless solution offers a hands-free operation without cable entanglement and poor connection problems.

The ACT-22T utilizes PLL synthesized technology for increased RF stability and packed in a lightweight, miniature housing so transmitter can rest comfortably and secure behind the head of the performer for an unobtrusive view.

Featuring built-in rechargeable lithium battery with a quick charger for extended battery hours and patented ACT sync enables fast and easy transmitter setup from any Mipro receivers.

ACT-22T can be connected to MU-210d or MU-23d headworn microphone or VM-10M instrument microphone.
Coupled with an anti-scratch device, it can be attached to percussion, string and wind musical instruments for wireless audio amplification.

ACT-22T is easy to use and ideal for education, theater, aerobics/fitness, houses of worship applications.



– oscillation mode PLL synthesized
– frequency range 480-934MHz (country dependent)
– bandwidth 24MHz
– channel set-up ACT sync
– RF output power 10-30mW (country dependent)
– spurious < -55 dBc
– battery built-in rechargeable lithium battery
– operating time up to 6 hours
– matching headset mics MU-23d / MU-210d
– dimensions W x H x D 57 x 28 x 20mm
– weight approx. 38gr rechargeable battery included
– patented, telecom and safety regulations approved
Notes: refer to actual product in the event of product description discrepancy.
Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries.

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