Kramer VS-42UHD 4x HDMI in > 2x HDMI uit met RS-232 4K UHD NIET MEER LEVERBAAR ZIE VS-42H2

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Kramer VS-42UHD 4x HDMI in > 2x HDMI uit met RS-232 4K UHD NIET MEER LEVERBAAR ZIE VS-42H2

Artikelnummer: VS42UHD

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VS-42UHD is a high quality, 4×2 matrix switcher for 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) HDMI signals.
It reclocks and equalizes the signals and can route any input to either or both outputs simultaneously.

– max. data rate 8,91Gbps (2,97Gbps per graphics channel)
– max. resolution 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) and WUXGA
– HDCP compliant
– true video clock detection
– automatic switching modes last connected and priority switching
– HDMI support 3D, deep color, x.v.Color, Lip Sync, Dolby TrueHD,Dolby Digital Plus, DTS–HD, and 7.1 PCM
– EDID Pass through algorithm ensures plug and play operation for HDMI source and display systems
– programmable step in functionality when used with compatible step–in devices,such as the SID-X3N (using an HDMI cable that supports HEC, HDMI ethernet)
– non volatile EDID storage
– Kramer reKlocking & equalization technology rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances
– static or dynamic DHCP IP addressing
– embedded web pages provide remote configuration and operation
– lock Button prevents tampering with the front panel buttons
– Kramer Protocol 3000
– versatile control options RS-232, Ethernet, infrared remote control, optional remote IR receiver



– 4 HDMI connectors inputs
– 2 HDMI connectors outputs
– 1 ethernet on an RJ-45 connector port
– 1 IR on a 3,5mm mini jack port
– 12 remote selection contact closure switches on 13 terminal block pins
– 1 serial port on a 3 pin terminal block
– 1 program port on a mini USB
– up to 8,91Gbps data rate (2,97Gbps per graphic channel)
– HDMI and HDCP up to UXGA
– 4K x 2K
– baudrate 9600, 115200bps

The following operating systems and Web browsers are supported:
Windows 7: Google Chrome v25, FireFox v15, Opera v12, Microsoft Internet Explorer v9, Windows XP: Google Chrome v25, FireFox v15
Apple Mac: Google Chrome v25, FireFox v20, Opera v12.14, Safari v6

– 5V DC, 880mA
– 100-240V AC, 65VA max

– front panel buttons
– infrared remote control transmitter
– RS-232
– ethernet
– remote input selection switches

Operating temperature:
– 0 to +40C

Storage temperature:
-40 to +70C

– 10% to 90%, RHL non-condensing

Included accessories:
– power supply
– RC-IR3 remote control

Product dimension:
– 21,46cm x 16,30cm x 4,36cm W x D x H
– weight 0,9kg approx.
– shipping dimension 35,10cm x 21,20cm x 7,20cm W x D x H
– shipping weight 1,8kg approx.

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