Kramer KW-14 draadloze HD zender & ontvanger

Kramer KW-14 draadloze HD zender & ontvanger

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The KW-14T and KW-14R are a high definition, wireless, HDMI transmitter/receiver pair for indoor use.
Up to four KW-14R receivers can receive from one KW-14T transmitter and up to three KW-14T transmitters can be paired with one KW-14R receiver.
The KW-14T and KW-14R pair comes pre -associated.

– max. data rate 6,75Gbps
– deep color up to 12 bit
– transmits to up to four receivers simultaneously
– pair receivers with multiple transmitters
– secure link uses AES128 bit encryption
– Audio E
– max. data rate 6,75Gbps (2,25Gbps per graphic channel), deep color up to 12bit
– up to four receivers can receive from one transmitter simultaneously
– up to three transmitters associated with one receiver at any given time
– transmission range up to 30m including through walls and furniture
– automatic frequency selection selects the most suitable frequencies to prevent RF interference
– auto EDID adjustment to allow multi-screen support
– IR remote control enables the OSD menu to be displayed on the output display
– OSD (on screen display) for simplified setup and configuration
– HDCP compliant HDCP sources are supported only when all connected displays support HDCP
– zero latency
– automatic sleep mode after three minutes when no input or link is detected
– CEC support

– meeting rooms
– presentation and multimedia applications
– short range video and audio distribution



– 1x HDMI connector (KW-14T), internal antenna (KW-14R)
– 1x IR 3,5mm mini jack, internal antenna (KW-14T)
– 1x HDMI connector (KW-14R)
video resolution:
– up to 1080p@60Hz; 8, 10, or 12bit color depth and VESA up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz
– RGB and YCbCr digital video
maximum data rate:
– 6,75Gbps (2,25Gbps per channel)
maximun pixel clock:
– 148,5MHz
audio formats:
– PCM, Dolby Digital 2/0, Dolby Digital 2/0 Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1
– Dolby Digital surround EX, DTS 2-channel, DTS Digital surround 5.1, DTS 96/24
audio rate:
– digital audio from the HDMI input up to 6Mbps
RF communication frequency:
– 5,19 to 5,795GHz
transmission power:
– <18dBm conducted (KW-14T), <12dBm per channel conducted (KW-14R)
receiving sensitivity:
– -75dBm (KW-14T), -65dBm (KW-14R)
system latency:
– HDMI with Deep Color, x.v.Color, 3D, CEC
– HDCP 2.0 works with sources that support HDCP repeater mode, DVI 1.0
unobstructed transmission range:
– 30m (KW-14T), 30m (KW-14R)
power consumption:
– 5VDC 1A (KW-14T), 5VDC 1,2A (KW-14R)
operating temperature:
– 0 to +40C
storage temperature:
– -40 to +70C
– 10% to 90%, RHL non-condensing
– convection, vented
enclosure type:
– plastic
product dimensions:
– 9,50cm x 9,50cm x 3,40cm W, D, H
product weight:
– 0,3kg approx
shipping dimensions:
– 35,10cm x 21,20cm x 7,20cm W, D, H
shipping weight:
– 1,1kg approx
environmental regulatory compliance:
– complies with appropriate requirements of RoHS and WEEE
– ISTA 1A in carton (international safe transit association)
compliance standards:
– CE, c-UL, UL
emission standards:
– CE, C-tick, FCC Class B, ICES, VCCI, KC
included accessories:
– power supply 5V
– 2x HDMI cables 0,9m PN 2518-0101003
– 1x IR emitter cable PN 3300-500135