VGA kabel Kramer 10,7m Male/Male & mini jack > mini jack C-GMA/GMA-35

VGA kabel Kramer 10,7m Male/Male & mini jack > mini jack C-GMA/GMA-35

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Kramer’s GMA series are high−performance cables with male 15−pin HD and 3.5mm stereo audio connectors at each end.
They are perfect for computer graphics video to display installations that require an audio signal as well.
Quality Construction
– constructed using our rugged and flexible 14-conductor cable
– Easy Connection
– Pre-terminated with molded 15-pin HD connectors (male to male)
– gold-plated pins and thumbscrews for easy connection
– 3,5mm stereo mini jack

Easy Installation
– Audio leads extend 61cm beyond the 15−pin HD head at one end, and 20cm at the other
– all Pins Connected for DDC2 and EDID Support
Cable Specs
– For detailed cable specs, see Kramer BC−3X2T7S

Varied Selection of Lengths
– Available in versions of 0.9 to 22.9m



Attenuation (dB/100 ft.):
– – 0.5dB @1MHz:
– – 1.3dB @5MHz
– – 1.9dB @10MHz
– – 4.0dB @50MHz
– – 5.7dB @100MHz
– – 8.0dB @180MHz
– – 14.0dB @400MHz
– Conductor 26 AWG 7/34 tinned copper
– Dielectric Foam polyethylene with red, green, blue color coding
– Shield:
– (A) 90% spiral 38 AWG tinned copper
– (B) Aluminum foil/Mylar 25% overlap rate
– Inner Jacket PVC
– Jacket Colors Black
– Outer Jacket Color Dark gray with white lettering
– Outer Diameter 10.0mm
– UL CL2
– Temperature: -20 to 75C
– Diameter 0.88mm
– Dielectric 1.95mm
– Individual Coax 2.6mm
– Impedance 75Ohm
– DC Resistance 148Ohm per km
– Capacitance 57pF per meter