Trusscarrier f. 30-Truss white FQ/FT/GQ/GT/PQ/PT

Trusscarrier f. 30-Truss white FQ/FT/GQ/GT/PQ/PT

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A quick and easy way to handle and store your Trio or Quatro 30-truss system without damaging or scratching each length.
Stacking truss has always been a bit of a challenge but the Truss carrier can take care of this for you, literally.
Now, you can store our well-know FT, GT, PT, FQ, PQ and GQ truss without problem and without damage.
The Truss carrier is produced out of Rigidex HD521EA high density Poly Ethylene and weighs 450gr per unit, it is suited to be handled in surroundings with a temp-range of -40C to +120C without disforming, thus guaranteeing a problem-free handling in any situation, indoor or outdoor.



– material Rigidex HD5218EA
– high density Poly Ethylene
– colour white
– weight 425 grammes per unit
– measurements 600 x 40 x 55mm
– thick 7mm
– outer carton 60pcs
– suited for lengths of FT, GT, PT, FQ, GQ, PQ truss