SY SY-HDBT100-SLIM-EDGE-SET HDBT > HDMI ontvanger set met RS-232 tot 150m met PoC (Power over Cable)

SY SY-HDBT100-SLIM-EDGE-SET HDBT > HDMI ontvanger set met RS-232 tot 150m met PoC (Power over Cable)

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The SY-HDBT-100-SLIM-SET is one of the slimmest HDBaseT extender sets in the market (11,5mm), a combination of the SY-HDBT-SLIM-100T and SY-HDBT-SLIM-100R HDBT transmitter/receiver pair.
Allowing Video, Audio and control to be sent down one single CAT 6 (preferred) up to a maximum of 150m.
This SET can transmit 4K UHD to 70m and 1080P to 100m, or with its boost mode switch it can push 1080P to 150m.
With its Bi directional RR232 port this long-range extender will pass through all control signals, which can be used for control of the remote display from the source end, and/or for controlling the source from the display end.
Also included are 2x Ethernet data ports for extending a LAN data network from either end.

The SY-100-Slim extender has our own IPoC (Intelligent Power over Cable) system for intelligent configuration of system power, which means that the power can be provided from either the SY transmitter or the SY receiver end of the link.
You can choose which is more convenient for your particular installation.
Connection over a single cat6 cable to reduce cable cost and installation time.

HDBaseT Extenders are the ideal solution for connecting HDMI equipment over longer distances than an HDMI would allow, with the added benefits of being able to carry control and data signals.
These extenders will suit a wide range of applications requiring video distribution in the AV industry for example, digital signage and at residential.

– slimmest HDBT (only 11,5mm)
– 70m HDBaseT Output @ 4K UHD
– 100m HDBaseT Output @ 1080p
– 150m HDBaseT Output @ 1080p in boost mode
– two Ethernet port hub
– bi-directional RS232
– IR in and out
– HDCP2.2 and CEC compatible
– IPoC from either end
– data rate 10.2 Gbps



– part number HDBT-100-SLIM-SET
– HDMI resolutions 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1920×1200, 4K x 2K
– HDMI standard 2.0
– HDCP 2.2
– CEC compatible
– HDMI link mode HDBT synchronous switching
– data rate 10.2 Gbps
– link transmission distance 70m HDBaseT output 4K UHD, 100m HDBaseT output 1080p
– 150m HDBaseT output 1080p in boost mode
– 2x Ethernet ports
– 1x IR input
– 1x IR output
– IR carrier signal must be present at IR IN connector
– 1x RS232 port
– supports Tx and Rx only
– RS232 baud rate up to 115,2 Kb
– power supply IPoC from either end Power over Cable (PoC)
– 48V DC @ 0,5A
– power consumption set 7,5W max
– dimensions (W x H x D) 158 x 12 x 87mm
– weight SY-HDBT-100ST 320g, SY-HDBT-100SR 330g

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