Mammoth Stage 2x1m

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Mammoth Stage 2x1m

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A very compact, lightweight and versatile stage with little handling and a lot of possibilities.
Very well suited for indoorvenues like fashion shows, events or presentations and for locations like schools, hotels or resorts.
Building a stage with the Mammoth is easy due to the light own weight of the stage itself.
The 1 x 1m stage weighs just under 12kg and with the available Mammoth-legs (height 20cm, 40cm or 60cm) you can build your own stage yourself within a very short time-frame.
The scissor-like Mammoth legs are the true time saver.
Simply connect them to your Mammoth stage and slide them open.
Point of attention: The Mammoth-legs are well suited for the 1 x 1m Mammoth stage.
If you have the 2x1mtr version, you always need two sets of Mammoth-legs.
The guardrail and the stairs complete your set up and are available as accessory.
The Mammoth stage can carry loads up to 500kg/m2.
The Mammoth Stage is a compact, robust indoor stage system which is very easy to setup.
Light weight stage parts which are extremely sturdy, they can carry 500kg/m2.
In combination with the scissor-like Mammoth legs the build-up is a breeze.



– dimensions: 1000 x 2000 x 55mm
– max load 500kg/m2
– deck Plywood 12mm
– frame aluminium (6063-T66)
– storage height 55mm
– weight 24kg