Sennheiser tafelvoet 3p XLR MAT-133SB met schakelaar/PTT

Sennheiser tafelvoet 3p XLR MAT-133SB met schakelaar/PTT

Artikelnummer: MAT133SB

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The rugged housing of the functionally and unobtrusively designed MAT 133-S provides a solid ground for XLR-3 gooseneck microphones.
A convenient microphone button is featured with a bi color light ring for clear visual feedback.
The TTL-logic output serves for various control purposes such as camera control.
The MAT 133-S is as versatile as it is to operate.

– rugged
– timeless design
– bi-colored light ring for clear visual feedback
– logical function for easy control of e.g. cameras
– microphone modes Toggle on/off Push to mute Push to talk permanent on (external LED control)



– dimensions 120 x 170 x 43 mm (BTH / WDH)
– connector XLR-3F
– connector XLR-3M
– connector clip contact for logic, Pin assignment: trigger signal at the logic
– connector logic in (external LED control), GND, Logic out (switch signal)
– weight 1210 gr
– phantom powering P 24 – P 48
– operating temperature -10 – +50C
– current consumption 3,7 mA
– output voltage high level output voltage > 2,4V, low level output voltage < 0,4V
– output voltage high level input voltage > 2,0V, low level input voltage < 0,8V
– colour LED light ring red/green

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