Philips Pronto PCX-9200 RF PC ontvanger

Philips Pronto PCX-9200 RF PC ontvanger

Artikelnummer: PCX9200

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The TSU9200 lets users interact with their digital music library content right on the LCD screen.
The PC extender PCX9200 is a USB dongle that enables two-way real-time communication for access to playlists, cover art and search function.

Control all media content with a few simple clicks:
– Compatible with Media Center Edition, WMP10-11, iTunes 6-7
– Navigate your music files without using your TV/monitor
– Operates through walls via radio frequency-based USB adaptor

On-screen media selection is the ability to view and select a list of songs, pictures and movies from your PC on the LCD screen of a remote control.
The 2-way RF communication incorporated in the remote and the USB dongle provided with it, ensures the content of the PC is transmitted to the remote.
So, no need to turn on your TV or monitor to view the menu and select your favorite files.

Technical Info:
– USB: USB 2.0
Meegeleverde Accessoires:
– CD-ROM, Printed User Guide.

System Requirements:
– CD-ROM drive
– Hard disk space: 100 MB
– PC OS: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2, Windows XP Professional Edition
Service Pack 2, Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2, Windows Vista
– RAM memory: 64 MB
– USB: Free USB port
– RF Frequency (GHz): 2.4 GHz