Newhank Triple Radio 3 voudige 1HE FM/DAB/DAB+ Radio

Newhank Triple Radio 3 voudige 1HE FM/DAB/DAB+ Radio

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Newhank Triple Radio is a 3 independent DAB / FM RDS stereo tuners in 1 unit 19″ inch housing and a reliable free to air multi-source solution.
Enabling you to output 3 of your preferred digital or analog radio stations at the same time, not compromising on the audio quality, make the Newhank Triple Radio a perfect fit inside any redundant professional distributed audio system.

Key features:
– auto station scan, easy setup for both DAB+ and FM stations
– store up to 3x 40 presets
– DAB+ range 174 – 230 MHz
– FM range 87,50 – 108MHz in 5Khz steps
– showing the actual time and date in standby
– 3x separate stereo RCA line level audio outputs
– 1x coax connector for both DAB/FM ext. aerial
– IR remote control (incl. battery 1x CR2025) and wire aerial are included
– after power cycle triple radio returns to the last settings
– power input both 220/AC max 45W / or 12-14,5V/DC @325mA max
– made in Taiwan


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