Mipro TA-80 digitale plug on zender tbv ACT-818/828 diversity ontvanger (64 MHz)

Mipro TA-80 digitale plug on zender tbv ACT-818/828 diversity ontvanger (64 MHz)

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The TA-80 is a digital miniature wireless plug-on transmitter with balanced XLR mic input jack, designed for the measurement microphones, condenser / dynamic wired microphones, recording microphones and musical instrument microphones to become wireless and is compatible with ACT-8 Series receivers for premium sound quality.

The TA-80 has a flat and wide frequency response, ultra-low THD and noise floor, fast transient response, strong anti-interference, and high S/N ratio characteristics.
These superior characteristics are sufficed to resolve the trouble of tangling microphone cables and the deterioration of analog transmission characteristics.
It is the best system to reproduce natural sound of any premium wired microphone.

With the balanced XLR mic input jack for installing with any condenser microphone, the TA-80 has 8 gain levels and built-in switchable 12 / 48 V, up to 10 mA current load phantom power for condenser microphones, and the phantom power can be switched off for dynamic microphones.

A built-in high-capacity lithium battery enables continuous 5 to 8 hours of use per charge.
TA-80 can be recharged by dropping it into an intelligent MP-80 charger or by removing the single battery cell from the TA-80 and placing it into the charger.
TA-80 has reverse polarity protection and battery replacement is fast and easy.

TA-80 is compact, lightweight and ruggedly built.
The streamlined aluminum housing is splash-proof with strict isolation of spurious and external noise interference. Built-in high efficiency transmitting antenna, green backlit LCD clearly displays operation parameters.
Compatible with MIPRO ACT-80/80R miniature digital receivers for a variety of professional audio applications.



– frequency range 470 – 934 MHz (country dependent)
– switching bandwidth 64 MHz
– RF output power 10 mW/50 mW switchable (country dependent)
– spurious emission < -60 dBc
– modulation mode new digital modulation
– modulation type digital modulation fixed envelope
– AF input level 2 V max. at AF gain = 0 dB
– 7 V max. at AF gain = -12 dB
– 20 V P-P by protective circuit
– phantom power selectable 12 V and 48 V at 10 mA max., off for dynamic microphones
– AF frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
– selectable 100 Hz low cut filter
– battery type 1x ICR18500 Li-ION rechargeable battery
– battery life > 8 hour for RF power at 10 mW and phantom power off
– > 4,5 hour for RF power at 50 mW and 48 V at 2 mA phantom power on
– charger MP-80 with an adaptor plug MPA-80
– dimensions W x H x D 44 x 114 x 37 mm
– net weight approx. 165 gr excluding battery

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