Mipro ACT-32T bodypack zender t.b.v. MA-707, MA-505, MA-303, MA-100

Mipro ACT-32T bodypack zender t.b.v. MA-707, MA-505, MA-303, MA-100

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– Miniature, compact design
– Durable lightweight construction
– Top features mute switch, mini-XLR connector and antenna
– Backlit LCD displays various parameters and indicators
– Unique battery cover design provides easy access to operational controls and protects against accidental change of settings
– Connector for optional MJ-70 remote mute switch cable
– Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability
– One-touch ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically
– Selectable impedance for microphone or guitar/line inputs
– Built-in transmitter AF gain adjustment
– 4-pin mini XLR connector is compatible with all MIPRO lavalier, headworn microphones and instrument cable
– Highly efficient power consumption circuitry ensures long operating hours from 2x AA batteries
– Adjustable belt clip allows wearing transmitter in up or down position



– Housing Rugged Plastic
– LCD Displays working band-code, group, channel, frequency, AF input gain, RF output power, mute & lock status, battery status and error codes
– Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized
– Frequency Range UHF 480 – 934MHz
– Bandwidth 24MHz
– Channel Set-Up ACT Sync
– RF Output Power 10 – 50mW (switchable)
– Spurious Emissions < -55dBc
– Max. Input Level 0dBV
– Microphones MU-13, MU-23, MU-210, MU-53L, MU-55L, MU-53HN, MU-55HN
– Mute Connector Optional MJ-70 remote mute switch
– Battery 2x AA alkaline
– Dimensions 63(W) x 82(H) x 22(D)mm
– Weight 81g (excluding batteries)
– Patented
– Telecom and safety regulations approved

– Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy
– Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries

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