Kramer VS-162V 16x16V Matrix switcher RS 232

Kramer VS-162V 16x16V Matrix switcher RS 232

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The VS-162V is a high performance matrix switcher for composite video signals.
It can be configured as an 8×8 s-Video (Y/C) switcher, a 5×5 component (YUV) switcher, or a 4×4 RGBS Switcher.
Bandwidth – 100MHz (- 3dB) fully loaded.
HDTV Ready.
Multi-Mode – Configure as either a 16×16 composite, an 8×8 s-Video (Y/C), a 5×5 component (YUV), or 4×4 RGBS switcher.
Looping Inputs and Sync.
Selectable Input and Sync Signal Termination.
Control – Front panel, RS-232 (K-Router Windows – based software is included), & RS- 485, contact closure, & IR remote (Included).
Take Button
Execute multiple switches all at once.
Memory Locations
Store multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed when needed.



– Standard 19″ Rack Mount Size – 2U.