DAS ALTEA-712A-230 Actief 700W 12” 2 weg full-range polypropyleen behuizing 90 x 60 hoorn

DAS ALTEA-712A-230 Actief 700W 12” 2 weg full-range polypropyleen behuizing 90 x 60 hoorn

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The Altea-712A is a high-powered model from DAS Audio’s Altea Series.
It is equipped with a 1500W peak Class D two-channel amplifier that provides extended bandwidth, wide dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion.
Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing of the Altea 712A system.

The DAScontrol interface allows users to configure voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ modes, delay and source mixing by way of a high-end 24-bit quality DSP and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet.
The remote control and monitoring APP DASlink of the Altea-700 series powered systems allows users to wirelessly stream music from mobile devices in high-definition stereo.

The high-performance transducers include the DAS 12F4 loudspeaker, which provides accurate low frequency reproduction with a deep, powerful bass.
High frequencies are handled by the brilliant M-28 FEM optimized compression driver with 1″ exit providing exceptional performance and smooth reproduction.

The Altea-712 passive systems allow users to choose the powering option they prefer.
Designed for use with external amplification and outboard DSP, they benefit from the enclosure features and high-power transducer components of the Altea 700 powered versions.

– hi-power bi-amplified active system
– DAScontrol interface for easy setup and adjustment
– 24-bit high-end DSP with LCD screen
– DASlink remote control amd monitoring APP
– high-definition wireless stereo music streaming
– 1500W peak class D amplifier with 2 channel mixer
– 12″ loudspeaker + M-28 compression driver
– lightweight polypropylene enclosure
– ergonomic handles and floor monitor position
– integrated M8 rigging points



– amplifier power 1500W
– class D biamplified
– frequency range (-10 dB) 60 Hz – 20 kHz
– rated peak SPL at 1 m 130 dB
– dispersion 90o x 60o
– enclosure material polypropylene
– color/finish black/textured
– connectors input female XLR, aux input mini jack, loop thru male XLR
– AC input male IEC
– AC requirements 1,5A/230V 50 Hz/60 Hz
– dimensions (H x W x D) 650 x 380 x 346 mm
– weight 18,9kg