DAS ACTION-118A-230 Actief 1600W 18” hoorn-bass subwoofer 230V zwart

DAS ACTION-118A-230 Actief 1600W 18” hoorn-bass subwoofer 230V zwart

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The Action 118A is a powered horn-bass subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Action full-range cabinets.
A powerful 3200 W peak Class D amplifier drives a D.A.S. 18LX long excursion bass loudspeaker incorporating a 4″ voice coil for high power handling and output.

The Action 118A is powered by a Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPS), digital signal processing (DSP) and a 3200W peak power.
The amplifier has a unique EQ switch which allows the user to select a Deep subbass response or a Loud bass response.
The system includes two balanced inputs with stereo filtered output connections for satellite systems.
The variable crossover ranges from 80 Hz-125 Hz and can be defeated to offer stereo “loop thru” connections.
A gain control and polarity reverse feature increase user control over the system.

– powered horn-bass subwoofer system
– high output 18″ loudspeaker
– polarity switch
– filtered output defeat switch
– variable 80 – 125 Hz high-pass filter
– gain control



– nominal LF amplifier power 3200W peak 1600W continuous (class D)
– frequency range (-10 dB) loud: 50 Hz – 125 Hz
– deep 45 Hz -125 Hz
– rated peak SPL at 1 m 137 dB
– internal crossover variable LPF 80 Hz-125 Hz
– connectors input 2x female XLR, loop thru 2x male XLR
– AC input PowerCON
– AC output PowerCON
– AC requirements 230V 2,7A 50 Hz/60 Hz
– enclosure material birch plywood
– color/finish black ISO-flex paint
– dimensions (H x W x D) 79,1 x 69,0 x 56,7 cm
– weight 55kg