Cloud MA-40T mini versterker

Cloud MA-40T mini versterker

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The MA40T is a mini amplifier providing 40W mono output at 25V/70V100V.
It is fitted with a paging microphone input with access contacts, a useful 70/100V line input option, a further two line inputs and a facility port input option allowing connection of the LM-2 wall input module.

Energy Star tested & certified providing extensive power saving and energy consumption saving features such as Auto Power Down (APD) and rapid waking.

The MA40T is powered via a 24V power supply and offers music mute functionality to allow simple connection to fire alarm and other interfaces.
It is highly flexible and suitable for use where the simple addition of another zone to an existing installation may be required.



– 40W 25V/70V/100V mono output
– 2 line inputs with individual input gain
– 70V/100V line input
– Energy Star certified
– paging microphone input with access contacts (SW/VOX)
– facility port input
– APD wake & hibernation
– music mute
– 24V power supply

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