Allen & Heath Wizard W3-20S 4x mono & 8 stereo 19″ mixer

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Allen & Heath Wizard W3-20S 4x mono & 8 stereo 19″ mixer

Artikelnummer: W320S

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Now in its 3rd generation, the legendary MixWizard range builds on its market leading status by adding a new mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which both further enhance sonic quality.
Other improvements include individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp socket and backup supply capability.
Internal configuration options for channel aux sends and direct output are now on pluggable jumpers for user convenience, and the mixer is presented in a stylish new package.
Of course, the range retains its traditionally strong blend of professional features, including an all-metal chassis, individual circuit boards, nutted rotary controls, smooth 100mm faders, LED metering, as well as 6 aux sends, 4 band EQ, digital FX and expansion capability, which it inherits from its big brothers in the large format ranges.
The sonic purity of the MixWizard has been further enhanced to retain its market leading credentials a true professional in the world of compact mixing.

Now upgraded to WZ3 status, the 20S remains a favourite mixer for small broadcast studios, internet radio stations, project studios and stereo sub-mixing anywhere.
Featuring the new WZ3 preamp and responsive EQ, the WZ320S provides 12 channels with no fewer than 4 mono and 18 stereo sources

– 4 mic/line mono inputs featuring the new WZ3 low-noise preamp with balanced XLR/TRS
jacks and direct outputs
– 8 dual stereo input channels, each with TRS jack ‘A’ and XLR ‘B’ inputs.
These may be mixed together into the channel or mode switched to provide up to 16
independent sources to the mix ideal for multi-stereo keyboard and recording applications
– 2 stereo returns on TRS jack, one with fader and aux sends
– Responsive 4-band EQ with 2 sweepable mids and in/out switching
– 6 auxiliary sends switchable pre/post fader. All can be accessed at the same time
– Internal option to configure auxes for creating stereo mixes, for example recording stereo
IEM or keyboard sub mixing to FOH
– Dedicated mono output fader with innovative mode for control of aux-fed subs, dedicated C
mix, or other main mix feed
– Stereo AB output for additional mix or local monitor output
– Sys-Link 2 output option for connection to other ALLEN&HEATH Sys-Link compatible
– 100mm faders on all input channels and main outputs
– User wiring options for fader start and mic live monitor muting using the AB output
– Mounting desk or 19″ rack mountable, with rotating connector pod


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