Newhank Workmate 2HE 4 kanaals mixer met USB/SD speler en Bluetooth ontvanger NIET MEER LEVERBAAR ZIE WORKMATEMK2

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Newhank Workmate 2HE 4 kanaals mixer met USB/SD speler en Bluetooth ontvanger NIET MEER LEVERBAAR ZIE WORKMATEMK2

Artikelnummer: WORKMATE

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Check out this NEW NewHank WORKMATE MK2 a complete stereo mixer/pre-amplifier and smart media player in a compact package.
The WORKMATE MK2 takes only 2HE of rack space thus making it easy to install.
It offers you a maximum control over your music sources, like Satellite & Cable devices, CD-Players, or any other type of players or mixers, turntables (2 Phone pre-amps available), microphones, and so on.

This updated WORKMATE MK2 version has no crossfader section and pan control but offers 3 adjustable stereo outputs instead.
This is a great feature for it allows you to distribute the same stereo output signal to 3 different stereo zones.

WORKMATE MK2 just 2HE of rack space, but still you will find 4 volume/channel faders and the possibility of connecting 9 external devices.
Switching between these devices is easily done thru Select Switches on the front.

Like the PLAYMATE, the WORKMATE MK2 is also equipped with a Smart Media Player that is able to read audio files from a USB Stick or SD Card (both max 32GB).
To make it even more convenient, there is a BlueTooth receiver build in, so you can stream audio from your iPhone or other BlueTooth devices.
The player is capable of reading both WAV and MP3 files and has an internal EQ system.

WORKMATE MK2 offers you a wide variety of line-, phono- and microphone inputs and is for most of your audio jobs/installations, the perfect choice.
The 2-band eq per channel, 3 seperately adjustable stereo outputs, Smart Media Player and many more features make WORKMATE MK2 a proud new Mate of the happy NewHank family.

Key features:
– compact 2u low noise audio design
– 4 line control channels plus separate mic section
– 2 stereo phono, 7 stereo line and 3 mic inputs
– 2-band equalizer per channel
– cue per channel plus gain control
– 3 independent adjustable stereo outputs
– stereo master audio out on both RCA and balanced XLR
– balanced stereo booth output on 6,3mm connectors
– stereo zone output on RCA connectors

The player section:
– Smart media player
– select play from USB, SD (both max 32GB) and thru Bluetooth
– plays both WAV and MP3 files
– all, single, repeat and random play



– line/aux 10Kohm input impedance
– 77mV rms sensitivity for 1,22V output
– mic 600 ohm input impedance unbalanced
– 1mv rms sensitivity for 1,22V output

– line 9V rms max
– headphone 0,5W into 47 ohm

– power supply integrated transformer AC 230V-50Hz
– power consumption 12W typical, 21W full headphone output
– operating temperature 5 to 35 deg. C
– humidity 25 to 85% (non-condensing)
– storage temperature -20 to 60 deg. C
– 19” 2he rack mount
– front 483 x 88mm
– rear 438 x 85mm